Democratic Alliance South Africa

Since 2014, Uber5 has been providing technical advice, system design, software development (research, surveys, call center, election day automation), and cloud infrastructure support to the Democratic Alliance, South Africa's main opposition party.

We've built solutions for candidate selection, call centres, polling and surveys, and election day automation.

Case Study: Call Centre Everywhere

This is the kind of project that large teams of experienced developers tackle. We didn't have that luxury. We needed a master software engineer, able to quickly learn about new technologies and collaborate with other service providers in the stack. Uber5 / Chris Oloff were able to tackle this gargantuan challenge and deliver the product through continuous incremental improvement and scaling upgrades. The result is a solution that is highly flexible, can be managed by a non-technical administrator and - the ultimate test - has made millions of phone calls possible by thousands of users.

Warwick Chapman, Executive Director: Information, Democratic Alliance

Download the case study here.